Reliable Bullet Resistant Security Glass

Keep your employees and clients safe with bullet resistant security glass from Custom Glass Corporation in Kittanning, PA. Our Impedio series of security glass and glass substitutes includes some of the best option on the market.

Security Glass

This glass is designed for use in high-security areas such as prisons, jails, hospitals, courthouses, and government buildings. It offers forced entry protection and has applications for modern ballistic threats. 

Hand Pointing at Locks

Laminated Polycarbonate

This material is lighter and thinner than all glass products with a hard coat. It offers high impact resistance for physical attacks, forced entry, or ballistic

Glass-Clad Polycarbonate

Combining the scratch, heat, and chemical resistance of a strengthened glass surface and the impact resistance of a polycarbonate core, this material offers the best of both worlds. The glass surface also opens up options for tints, wire glass, and one-way mirrors. 


Bullet Resistant Glass

This glass offers a full range of ballistic protection from handguns to high-powered riffles. It is designed to protect a variety of facilities, including banks, gas stations, convenience stores, and check cashing facilities.

All Glass Resistant

With a more cost-effective all glass construction, this material gives you a full range of ballistic protection from Level I to Level VIII. It also offers UL-listed no spall makeups and Impedio low spall makeups.


Glass-Clad Polycarbonate Bullet Resistant

By combining glass and polycarbotate, we’re able to offer a lighter and thinner alternative makeup for all types of glass. This includes all levels of UL-listed products with no spall and some options include tinting, reflection, one-way mirrors, custom designs, and insulated units.

Blast Resistant

This type is typically sold to embassies, state departments, or federal buildings around the world. It can be built to architect specifications so you get both the look and protection you need.